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The Tomes of Delphi: algorithms and data structures Numerical linear algebra R in action: data analysis and graphics with R Valgrind 3.3: advanced debugging and profiling for GNU/Linux applications Solaris internals: Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris kernel architecture C++ for you++: an introduction to programming and computer science Synchronization algorithms and concurrent programming The software optimization cookbook: high-performance recipes for the Intel architecture Performance tuning with SQL server dynamic management views Cover title. - "High performance SQL Server.". - Includes index Professional SQL Server 2005 performance tuning The preparation of programs for an electronic digital computer VB & VBA In A Nutshell: The Language Troubleshooting SQL Server: A Guide for the Accidental DBA Made to stick: why some ideas survive and others die Core HTML5 canvas: graphics, animation, and game development Lean thinking: banish waste and create wealth in your corporation

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